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Velvet matte lipstick

Our Velvet Matte Lipstick creates a matte velvety finish on your lips. It contains moisturizing agent and vitamin E that helps to nourish your lips. It is highly pigmented and includes a long wearing formula. Available in wide range of shades.Our formula is paraben free dermatologically tested.

Ruby Wine (01)
Almond (04)
Velvet Brown (05)
RedWood (06)
Chestnut Brown (07)
Fine Peach (09)
Fiesta (10)
Carrot (11)
Burgundy (12)
Deep Maroon (13)
Marry Pink (15)
Sweet Maroon (16)
Perfect Red (17)
Fuchsia Rose (18)
Plum (21)
Maroon (22)
Imperial Purple (24)
Grape (25)
Red Peach (26)
Ruddy Pink 27
Red Bud (28)
Rose Pink (29)
Mulberry (30)